Branding, Identity, and Product design for an innovative health company.

Podimetrics was founded by a team of engineers, physicians, data scientists and entrepreneurs committed to improving the lives of patients with diabetes. By creating a mat with embedded sensors and online monitoring system, they hope to improve the lives of those with diabetes by catching foot ulcers before they become a severe problem.

The project scope included creating the brand identity, designing the smart mat (Sole Defender) and speccing materials, and creating design guidelines that would be used across all future products and platforms. Tasks also included working in close collaboration with engineers to implement the interaction and interface design of the Sole Defender, and then oversee usability studies to see how patients engaged with the device. The Sole Defender is now in clinical trials and homes across the United States.

The most recent coverage of the product can be found here and here.

Role: UI/UX, Interaction, Motion Design, Animation
Date: 2013-2016
Client: Podimetrics
Website : https://podimetrics.com