Sonifying the intangible through a physical interface.

Tension is an installation that sonifies the tension between people through tangible interactions. As you push or pull on the resistor cords, the tension sound escalates until it reaches a deep swooping bass release. If you leave the piece prior to to the release, it maintains a state of tension for an extended period.

A processing application was developed for the piece which takes the incoming signals from the piece and does the clean up and signal processing necessary for smooth running of the piece. The signals are used to inform real time sound synthesis code which alters existing sound samples' volume, pitch, and oscillation to achieve the required tension and mood. A significant amount of time went into developing a debugging and testing environment used to calibrate the delicate resistor cords.

Role: Concept, Strategy, Interaction, Design, Fabrication, Installation
Date: 2015
Client: Curious Sound Objects
Team: Michael Degen <Spacecraft>
Website: www.curioussoundobjects.com/curious-sound-objects-at-boston-cyberarts/